iNEST project

We are proud to be an active part of the iNEST project,  Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation, funded by EU Recovery fund. The project aims to build a network of public and private institutions to foster technology transfer and innovation.

Our group is involved in two spokes, spoke 8 – related to the construction of a digital twin of the both Adriatic Sea- and spoke 9, focussed on developing AI-based tools for the development and continuous deployment of digital twins in several areas – from smart cities and logistics to industry and medicine.

Within this project, several positions were funded. We welcome Francesca Cairoli, who will join us on March 1st as assistant professor, Francesco Giacomarra, Irene Ferfoglia, and Lorenzo Bonin, phd students.

The project started on September 2022 and it will terminate on February 2026. Stay tuned.

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